Welcome to wonderful Denmark!

Denmark seen from foreign land looks but like a grain of sand.
Denmark as we Danes concieve it is so big you won't believe it.

Why not let us compromise about Denmarks proper size?
- which will truly please us all, since it's greater than it's small.

 Piet Hein´╗┐

This was written by one of my favorite Danish poets, Piet Hein, and he was SO right! Denmark really IS a small - but great country, and this site is dedicated to showing this small country off to the world.

This country is the home of:

  • Hans Christan Andersen
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Wonderful old architecture
  • Medieval castles
  • Great art and design
  • Long, white, sandy beaches and of course...
  • Good Danish beer, food and hospitality!

....and a much more!

No, we don't have high mountains, big rivers or spectacular water falls, but we DO have an amazing old culture, wonderful green forests and long, white, sandy beaches.

If you are anything like me, you will want to know as much as possible about the country, you want to visit and this site will give you first hand knowledge, and why?

Because this site is written by an ordinary Danish person!

I'm NOT a travel agent. However, I do want you to visit and/or experience Denmark. I was born and raised here in Denmark, and I want to bring you genuine information, so you can prepare for your meeting with us Danish folks and be able to take advantage of everything this country has to offer.

You will find the facts you need about this wonderful Scandinavian country for your visit as well as information about the main attractions, how and where to stay during your visit, the sort of food we Danish people eat, and you will even be able to find a few useful Danish Phrases. So "dig in" and browse through this site.

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