Danish easter traditions

The Danish easter traditions are characterized by a mood of optimism; a natural "waking up" after a long, cold winter - and seeing the spring flowers appear really sets the mood for joy and having fun together. Some of the old Danish easter traditions are all about being creative, teasing eachother and having fun.

The spring
valentines letter

The spring Valentines letter
or in danish: Et gækkebrev is a fun and cute tradition from back in the 18th century. "Gækkebrev" really means "a letter for a fool". According to the tradition you send this letter, which is a richly decorated paper cutting. On the letter you wrote a little poem and sign it with dots - as many dots as there are leters in your name. The reciever now has to guess, who sent the letter, and if (s)he can't guess that, (s)he owes the sender an easter egg.

Along with the letter, you would send a dried and pressed spring flower - usually a snowdrop.

The easter Egg

The easter egg you would give to the sender of the Spring Valentines letter (if you didn't manage to guess, who that was), could be of any size, color and quality.

The most popular easter egg gifts would be the ones made of chocolate and beautifully wrapped in colored foil. They come in many varieties and prices - from a few dollars to the most extravagant ones at hundreds of dollars!

We also use the chocolate Easter egg as a seasonal present for a hostess of the tradional Easter lunch.

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