Danish fried bacon

with parsley sauce

Stegt flæsk med persille sovs

Danish fried bacon with parsley sauce or "Stegt flæsk med persille sovs" is the answer you get, If you ask some (if not most) people in Denmark, - especially those living in the country - "what is the national dish/course in Denmark".

It is a very simple but also very delicious meal, but probably not the one with less fat!

We use the breast piece of the pork - the bacon - with the skin still on it, and cut it in thick slices.

Fried bacon

There are three ways of preparing the meat:

  • Lightly salted and dry-fried
  • Smoked (like bacon) and fried
  • Fresh breast meat tossed in eggs and bread crumbs

With all three methods the bacon is cut in slices half an inch thick, fried on a pan and served with new white potatos, parsley sauce and pickled, sliced red beets.

The sauce

  • Use the fat/grease from frying the bacon
  • Add two table spoon of flour, an stir til it's smooth.
  • Add milk until the sauce has the consistency you like. It has to be able to stick with the potatos.
  • Add a little salt, but be careful, if the bacon you chose was either light salted or smoked!
  • Rinse and prepare the parsley in a parsley mincer or chop it up real fine with a sharp kitchen knife.

When the sauce is done, take it off the heat and stir in the chopped/minced parsley.


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