Danish holidays

Denmark is a Christian country and most of the Danish holidays are celebrations of Christian events. Our biggest event of the year is Christmas. We spend a whole month preparing for this big - a very traditional - celebration.

Danish holidays and special occasions are for the most part being celebrated in Denmark as a reason for people to get together, having fun and enjoying life. Food and drinks are very often a big part of the celebration and special food and even special drinks such as i.e. Easter and Christmas beer and Snaps is being enjoyed. Some of the dates vary from year to year.

Working Danes have 5 weeks of holidays a year - not including the national holidays.Most people spend 3 weeks during the summer, about a week around Easter and the last week around Christmas.Children in elementary school have 7 weeks off during summer, 1 week in the spring (vinter-ferie) and one week in the fall (efterårs-ferie).In the old days the fall vacation was called potato-vacation (kartoffel-ferien), because the children were off from school to help out with the harvest of potatos.

In Denmark some stores and companies will be closed on the national holidays.

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