Entertainment in Funen - Denmark

Some people like the entertainment of going to parks and/or events with a lot of exiting things to do, and others just want to enjoy the wonderful nature, we have here, visit one of our spectacular beaches or enjoy a walk through one of our old towns or forests.

This page will show you some of the most interesting entertainment for the whole family here on the Island of Funen, Denmark.

Plan a great day out. Follow the links on this page you will find entertainment for

  • the adventurous
  • for those who want to dig into the history of Denmark
  • for the whole family
  • for groups
  • for the romantics
  • and for those who love being out in the nature

You will find something for everybody!

The Funen Village

Take a walk through this old village open air museum, where you can see 25 houses/buildings from the 18th and early 19th century.
Breathe in the atmosphere of life in those days, see how people worked and lived.
It can be difficult to understand that it was even possible to live like that, when we compare what we can see there with how we live today.

Address: Sejerskovvej 20, Odense 5260

Field working horses

Danish Railway Museum

If you like to see old trains, this is the place for you.
The museum was established back in 1975 by the The Danish State Railways and is an amazing diplay of 50 locomotives and railway carriages 20 railtracks from the whole periode of Danish railway history.

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Danish Railway Museum

H.C. Andersen's House

The Little Mermaid, The ugly Duckling, The Emperor's New Clothes etc.
We all know at least some of this famous Danish poet's fairytales.
H.C. Andersen lived his childhood years in a very small house in Odense.
This house is now a museum, where you can see his famous drawings and Paper clippings.

H.C.Andersen's House

Address: Hans Jensensstraede 37-45, Odense, Danmark

St. Canute's Cathedral

Odense Cathedral, is named after the Danish king Canute the Saint (In Danish: Knud den Hellige), who was the King of Denmark in the years 1080 – 1086.

The Cathedral was built in 1499 and well worth a visit, if you like to dig into history.
Inside on display you will find the remains of King Canute and his brother Benedict.

The tower of the cathedral is 63 meters high, which makes it the highest building in Odense.

Address: Klosterbakken 2, Odense 5000

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