Entertainment in Zealand - Denmark

Some people like the entertainment of going to parks and/or events with a lot of exiting things to do, and others just want to enjoy the wonderful nature, we have here, visit one of our spectacular beaches or enjoy a walk through one of our old towns or forests.

This page will show you some of the most interesting entertainment for the whole family here in Zealand, Denmark.

Plan a great day out. Follow the links on this page you will find entertainment for

  • the adventurous
  • for those who want to dig into the history of Denmark
  • for the whole family
  • for groups
  • for the romantics
  • and for those who love being out in the nature

You will find something for everybody!

Summer Park Zealand

Summerland Zealand is another amazing park with a water park, go-carts, jungle rafting and much more for the whole family. At the park you can rent small cottages, if you wish to stay there for more than one day.

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(Site unfortunately in Danish, but you can see all the amazing photos from the place)


The Experimentarium is a Science Center, where you can see various exhibitions and test yourself and learn about your body, brain and muscles work together.
Take a trip through the world of Dinosaurs, learn all about water and much more.
Definitely worth a visit!

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Tivoli of Copenhagen

Tivoli of Copenhagen is a very old establishment. It opened for the first time in 1843.
Tivoli is a traditional amusement park with varius rides, caroussels, roller coasters etc, but the park is also a beautiful place to just take a walk through.

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Tivoli of Copenhagen

Viking Ship Museum - Roskilde

The periode of Vikings in Denmark began around the year 800 and latest until around the 1050's.
During those 250 years a lot of what we know today was estabished; Christianity, churces, our Kingdom.
The viking periode is well known for the pillaging, the raids, the conquer of territory etc.

You can experience the Viking peiode by visiting one of the Viking Museums.
In Roskilde on Zealand you can see the remains of the ships, that has been found in the channel.
You can even take a boat ride on the channel in a "real" Viking ship!

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Viking Ship

The Museum of the Danish Resistance (Frihedsmuseet)

If you are interested in what went on in Denmark during WW2, you can visit the Museum of the Danish Resistance. This museum is more for adults and not as much for smaller children.
In this museum you will be able to visit an air shelter, see weapons used during the war and learn about the couragous people of the resistance and how they worked.

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The Round Tower (Rundetårn)

The Round Tower was built by Christian IV in the years between 1637 and 1642.
The Round Tower is one of the most famous structures in Denmark.
The walk of 209 meters of the twisted passage up to the top of the tower can take your breath away! However, at the top of the tower you can see most of Copenhagen from above. On a clear day this is a fantastic sight!

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Round Tower

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