Cha-Ching … Went The Video Game

Slot machines are some of the most popular games in any SG online casinosetting. They’re simple to play, require no special skills, and let’s face it – they’re just plain fun. The majority of the income derived at most casinos comes from these “one-armed bandits,” but what are the odds that you’ll win something?

You can increase your odds of winning by looking at the pay schedule (payout) on the machine you’re playing. If it claims to pay 5000 credits on the 3rd credit jackpot, for instance, and the slot next to you pays only 3000 credits, you’re doing yourself a favor.

Just what is a payout rate? Put simply, it is the amount of money placed on bets that are then paid out as winnings. In Las Vegas, the law requires that 75% of the money going into slot machines be paid out. That sounds pretty good, but remember that playing the slots successfully is mostly a game of luck. So, just which machines increase your odds of getting a payout? Can you learn what to do to win more money at slots?

Whether in Las Vegas or not, there are things you can do to increase your odds of making money on the slot machines, such as:

  • Choose slot machines that are near change booths, coffee shops, and restaurants.
  • Choose slot machines located on elevated carousels.
  • Choose slot machines located in aisles known as “crosswalks” – these are aisles that you have to walk through to get to other slot machine aisles.
  • Do not play multiple-pay line slots.
  • Play the highest denomination that you can afford; i.e., avoid “penny” slots unless it is all you can afford.
  • Always use your “players’ card,” if you have one while playing the slots.
  • Play with coins, not bills.
  • Test the machine periodically and observe the payout level. If it’s prosperous, you should continue. Look for payout rates between 95 and 99 percent.
  • If your machine isn’t paying out, start playing the machine next to it.
  • Do not pick a favorite machine; switch machines periodically.

If you’re gambling online, some websites offer pretty high payout rates.

These include:

  • Club World Casino (98.95%)
  • Silver Oak Casino (98.45%)
  • Win Palace Casino (98.32%)
  • Aladdin’s Gold Casino (97.43%)
  • Lucky Red Casino (97.43%)
  • All-Star Slots Casino (96.54%)

And just in case you’re wondering, in Las Vegas, the slot machine games that have the highest payouts are:

  • 100 or Nothing
  • Red, White, and Blue
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Wild Cherry