Danish weather and seasons

Denmark is in the temperate zone.

The Danish weather can be rather unpredictable, but one of the really nice things about Denmark is the fact that we experience all four seasons. The change of the seasons always gives us something to look forward to; the wonderful sceneries of winter, - the start of a new year when every bush and tree awakes with new light green leaves,

- the green fields, the colorful blossoms and the sound of the bumble bee during summer and the magnificent colors of autumn.

Every season has it's own charm.

All of this makes Denmark a place to visit all year round. You just need to pick YOUR favorite season.

The Danish Winter

The winters are usually not particularly cold with mean temperatures of around 0.5 °C. We HAVE seen really cold ice winters, where the temperatures reached a bottom low of -20 degrees C and the fjords froze over. The lowest temperature of -31.20 C (-24.15 F) in Denmark was on the night between 7th and 8th of January 1982. Now THAT was cold!

Old train bridge
Christmas tree plantation

The Danish Spring time

From the middle of March til the end of May you can experience very nice weather in Denmark.Spring time to me is the most wonderful season of the entire year. That is when everything starts, the sun is out, days get longer and outdoor activities take over again.

Spring forest
Spring beach

The Danish Summer

We don't have tropical summers here, but the summer season is wonderful just the same. The Danish summer is fresh with temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
Since this country is surrounded by water/beaches, spending the summer, licking sun, waterskiing, sailing, playing beach volley or just strolling along the water edge are outdoor activities, we enjoy.

Summer blossoms
Summer at the beach

The Danish Autumn

Autumn is the "quiet" season with memories of the summer. it's the time of the year to replace the shorts and t-shirt with a sweater and jeans and go hunting for mushrooms, collect seashells and amber (if you know where to find it!) and - of course - prepare for the upcoming winter season.

Autumn forest floor
Autumn leaves

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