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Travel Inspiration

Cool links for you, who likes to get some Travel Inspiration

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New years eve 2011/2012

It all started a early morning the 31st december 2011. Me, my mom and my little brother was getting ready for the big evening. When we were ready we droved

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Danish Christmas Dinner Pork roast

A description of the Danish Christmas dinner with recipes for Danish Pork Roast, Roast duck, Ris ala Mande

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A long time ago...

Back in 1997 I was in the US Air Force, stationed in Germany and had the opportunity to travel to Denmark. I made the drive from Spangdahlem, near Luxembourg

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Danish language translation

If you would like to be able to say a few words in this "strange" foreign language - Check out these examples and learn here at Danish language translation for tourists

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