Map of Denmark

On the map of Denmark, you will see that the biggest part of Denmark is a peninsula and a lot of islands surrounded by water - with the exception of the 68 kilometres (42,2 miles) border connecting Denmark to Germany in the south.

Denmark IS a small country, but the 43.093 km2 (16.638 square miles) is loaded with culture, and I will show you some of the most magnificent culture monuments on these pages.

We don't have high mountains; our highest point(s) are the hills around the area of Ejer and Yding in the middle of Jutland. There is a constant "battle" going on between the two or more points for being the higest, as they are almost the same height.

Part of the discussion is that some of these high-points were in fact human-made, as they are grave tombs, and some geologists debated that they shouldn't count as high points of the Danish geology. No matter what they decide to call them, they are still spectacular and a huge part of the Danish cultural foundation - dating back to the Stone age.

Driving around in Denmark

The good part about Denmark being a small country is that it is easy to explore most every corner of the country travelling around in a car. Since Denmark consists of 405 named islands travelling around in denmark will include crossing waters. This can be done by driving over bridges or boarding one of the numerous ferries. Crossing the bigger fjords usually includes the possibility of bringing your car with you, but the smaller ferries will only be able to carry people and bikes.

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