Wild-Life in Denmark

Wild-life experiences involving getting really close to exotic animals has always been a favorite activity for kids of all ages. The chance to feed an elephant or watch an eagle fly right over your head is breath-taking. The Wild-Life animal parks are scattered all over the country and most of them will give you and your kids the opportunity to get really close to animals from all over the world.

You can read about some of the most spectacular Wild-Life parks here...

Randers Rain ForestRanders Rain Forest
Two domes of 500 and 700 square meters, respectively, provide the framework of this magnificent tropical zoo. Since the opening back in 1996 this exhibition has been visited by more than 2.5 million people.
Colorful butterflies, dangerous snakes, bats, leguans and frogs, a 200 square meters big aquarium with tropical fish, a "dare devil" tree top walk on a narrow wooden ladder with the a close up view of some of the colorful birds and a look down into the pool of piranhas are some of the exiting activities you can experience there.

Location: TØRVEBRYGGEN 11 · 8900 RANDERS
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Brown bear in Scandinavian Animal ParkScadinavian Wolf Park
A world class nature experience!
In the "wolf park" you can meet the wolf, of course, the brown bear, the polar bear, the moose , walk among the deer and goats, and now you can even "meet" the mammoth and lots more!.
If you like nature experiences - being close to the animals - This Scandinavian Animal Park is THE place to visit.
In amazingly created natural environments - 450.000 square meters (4844 square feet)! - this park presents more than 300 animals. Prepare to take at least one whole day out of the vacation calendar to visit this place.
The park provides lots of activities, places to eat and a big store with lots of interesting items and souvenirs to bring back from your trip.

Nødagervej 67B, Nødager, DK-8560 Kolind
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Lion in Givskud Animal ParkGivskud Animal Park
In Givskud Animal Park you can experience animals from five continents and even drive through the lion area.
This huge park with 4 kilometers of walking paths can also be explored from either your own car or from the tour bus.
Along the way there are 3 parking areas, where you can get out of the car and be real close to the animals. This park also provides lots of picnic areas and a cafeteria, if you want to buy your food of the day, but you can bring your own food and use the picnic areas.

Location: Løveparkvej 3 - Givskud - 7323 Give
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Eagle flyingEagle World
Here is a chance to get very close to these magnificent birds. In Eagle World you can meet:
The Golden Eagle
The White-tailed Sea Eagle
The Peregrine Falcon
The Buzzard
The Bald Eagle and many more

Watch these impressive birds being fed and perform. The eagles and the falcon are presented in the classic falconer style.
Activities at "Eagleworld": The 1 hour show - where these magnificent birds are presented accompanied by a speaker telling you what happens.
The 1 hour mini course - where you will get insight into how the falconer works and take part in it. That's a REAL nature experience!
A gallery showing unique pictures of the eagles; the feeding, the breeding and the hunt and pray of the eagles. A big monitor showing videos of the life with the eagles.

Location: Skagensvej 107 -between Tversted and Aalbæk - 9881 Bindslev

Opening hours, admissions and other useful information here

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